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Tomorrow is March 8th, International Women’s Day and this year’s official theme is #ChooseToChallenge. I love this motto since it motivates everyone to break down the very complex problem of equality and diversity down to a concrete action. Something that oftentimes feels too big to start, too difficult to grasp, too systemic to feel responsible on an individual level suddenly becomes a personal motivation, something that you can just start by doing and feel accountable for.

What’s your challenge?

So I was asked by my colleagues: What’s your challenge? What’s your take on female leadership as a managing director? …

In the sunny streets of Austin, Texas, the tech industry is starting to escape from the gloom of the the last few years, with a more mature, human vision of the future it wants to build.

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Last year’s SXSW felt like a big, ugly hangover, which left us in a gloomy state of remorse and weariness about the current state of digital. It seemed like technology had failed us and humanity was doomed. Fastforwarding to SXSW ’19 I was confidently expecting this storyline to continue. …

Kristina Bonitz

Managing Director Strategy & Innovation at SinnerSchrader. Designs, leads and facilitates the context for meaningful products, services and businesses.

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